Hotel Kaiko Sapporo

(Website exclusive) Special offer. (Self-catering)
Website exclusive plan! If you are self-catering, this is the plan for you.

(Website exclusive) Special offer. (Self-catering)
(Website exclusive) Special offer. (Self-catering)

[Non-smoking] VIP Twin room (23m2)

This is recommended for people wanting simple accommodation and is suitable whether on business, sightseeing or in any number of other situations.
* This plan does not include meals.

**About Parking**
A long-term car park is situated within a 1-minute walk of the hotel.
Per night \1,100 (From check-in to check-out)
Parking outside of the above times will result in separate charges.

Please take note of the following.
This hotel is "Hotel Kaiko Sapporo".
Hotel Kaiko has two buildings located in Sapporo.
There have been many occurrences of erroneous reservations, so please check your reservation and the location of the hotel before coming for your stay.

Publication period
26 Aug 2014 0:00 - 31 Mar 2018 24:00
26 Aug 2014 - 31 Mar 2018
No meals
15:00 - 27:00

Rooms that can be selected under this plan.

Availability and price varies with room. If reservations cannot be made with the desired conditions, please try changing the room.

[Non-smoking] VIP Twin room (23m2)

Non-smoking floor
A twin room aimed at families where you can sleep alongside your children in the large bed while another person sleeps in the other bed.
Room width: 13m2
Bed size: 140cm width × 1 , 100cm width × 1

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