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Private Room with Mt.Fuji View

Room type

Deluxe Japanese-Style Ensuite Room with Mt.Fuji View

Maximum occupancy

4-8 person(s)

Example rate

from 3,230 yen per person
(Rate per room for 6 person(s))

Plan contents
We have following types of rooms. 

●Deluxe Japanese ensuite Room with Mt.Fuji view 5-8 people
●Standard Japanese Style Room with Mt.Fuji view 3-5 people
●Standard Japanese Style Room with Mt.Fuji view 2-3 people
●Basic Japanese Style Room with Mt.Fuji view 3-5 people
●Standard Japanese Style Room with Partial Mt.Fuji view 3-5 people

*We are a smoke-free hostel. All rooms are non-smoking.

A Japanese room features a floor made from tatami(straw mats). The room has a zataku(a low table) instead of a Western table, and people sit on the floor or on the zabuton(floor cushion) surrounding the table.

The bed in a Japanese-style room is usually the first  difference most travelers notice. Instead of a mattress and box spring, a futon is stretched out on the floor with a bedspread over it. 

*No large group bookings
We do not accept large group (more than 11 people/2 rooms) bookings even if the bookings come from different persons/different booking site with the intention to form a group in the hostel. We have the right to cancel large group bookings.

Plan details
Room type
Deluxe Japanese-Style Room with private bathroom. Best room for groups and families.(Maximum of 8 people)This room has a Wide-Extended View of Mt.Fuji.This washitsu* has a Japanese low table and zabutons* on tatami* flooring, and the window with shoji*. You sleep on futons* layed out on the tatami and you can sit directly on the tatami or on zabutons set out on the tatami.There is a washroom and a shower room inside the room.We are a smoke-free hostel. All rooms are no smoking.Washitsu*: Japanese style roomZabuton*: Japanese cushiontatami*: Thick straw mats that cover the floorShoji*: sliding paper screenfuton*: Traditional Japanese bedding consisting of padded mattresses and pliable quilts.
No meals
15:00-19:50 (Entrance will be locked after 20:00. You MUST contact us for the PIN code of the entrance by email or phone call before 20:00.)
Payment method
Upon arrival (credit card required to guarantee)

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